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A new dawn for Regina

Today I present to you the story of Regina Nanyonga, an 80 year old grandmother who looks after 5 of her orphaned grandchildren. This amazing grandmother struggles to house, feed and treat her grandchildren after their fathers (her sons) tragically died. One of her sons died due to illness, but another; Vincent (rip) lost his life to thieves in November 2017, who beat him to death after taking his money. Vincent left two children who were later dumped at the grandmother’s place, while the other son (Geoffrey) left behind 3 orphans, making 5 in total.

Regina digs in the nearby swamp to feed them, and sells maize with the help of her grandchildren in order to buy food. As a result, the children dropped out of school, since Regina could not afford.

I visited Regina at her home a fortnight ago, and was so touched by the terrible condition in which she and the orphans lived ! We as Karon Relief decided to offer a school scholarship to one of the children (Ssenyonga Geofrey), whom we found collecting firewood. We could not help all the other four orphans because of limited resources, but were glad that we at least helped one. If you wish to help us meet the school fees needs of such children, please contact us through our email on : or call +256700167733

Godfrey Ssenyonga at home
Regina and her grandson Godfrey
A snap shot of where the orphans sleep
Mr. Ronald Katwalo and Jajja Regina Nanyonga during one of the field trips at her home.
Here’s Godffrey carrying firewood for home use


Written by,  Ronald Katwalo

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