Waste Management


We believe that the survival of the human race in the future will depend so much on the environment that future generations will live in. This will range from the climatic conditions, presence of safe water and food, and the prevailing diseases at the time among others.

The human race is instrumental is destroying the natural ecosystem that we live in, through the indiscriminate disposal of waste such as plastics, cutting of trees for fuel, contamination of water bodies with toxic waste that kills aquatic life, destruction of wild flora and fauna for urbanization among others.

With our waste management project, we teach how the importance of properly managing domestic and industrial waste, push for a mindset change and remind citizens that a protected environment is beneficial to us all, and advocate for communal campaigns of better waste disposal.

With our “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” strategy, we create activities through which various groups can use waste to make money, such as the making of paving blocks from plastic and sand, decoration of used bottles for sale among others.

We have also begun a new campaign of planting trees to help improve the water cycle for agriculture, and also protect the ozone.

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