A successful heart operation for Adriana !

Today we are celebrate life , love and humanity, as it is the day we are reporting the successful heart operation of baby Adriana. Adriana was born with “holes” on the heart, and had been due for surgery about a year ago, but the parents lacked the finances to have her operated. Sometime in August 2018, Adriana’s parents approached Karon Relief and Development, praying for support to enable her go for an operation at Mulago Heart Institute.

We in turn sought support from our donors, and the operation was successfully conducted in may 2019!!!

It is with so much love and pleasure that we share with you for the first time , photos of the baby Adriana and her family. Some were taken immediately after the surgery, while the others were taken weeks after the surgery. We thank everyone who contributed in anyway; financially , spiritually and emotionally. May God bless baby Adriana, and may he bless you all who supported us in those trying moments.

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